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the Fastest Recharge Portable Battery & Solar Generator 

Expandable Capacity (1.2-2.5kWh) | Power Entire Camp (1.2-2.5kW) |
Charge to 100% in 1.5 Hours | Solar MPPT | 3500+ Life Cycles

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Expandable Capacity to Meet Your Energy Needs

Connecting 2 CAPTAIN 1200 to have double capacity and double the power (2,560Wh&2,400W) continuous output, Have one at home as backup and another in the trunk for last min trip, combine both anywhere.

1,200W AC Continuous |
12 Simultaneous Outputs

Powerful 1200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter offers the most reliable AC continuous output. Charging up to 12 appliances & devices at same time, even power large speakers without distorting music.



1.5 Hours


Wall Charging 

2 Hours


Solar Panels

4 Hours


Electric Generator

2 Hours


Industry's Fastest Recharge Speed: 1200W Max
Charge to 100% in 1.5 Hours.

Combine AC + Solar to fast-charge in only 1.5 hours. 
The CAPTAIN's built-in solar MPPT allows you to store energy for peak hours. This means you can power a full base & camp while enjoy the great outdoors. 


UPS Mode Switch Time: ≤10ms

Be productive with industry's fastest UPS for uninterrupted power. Your devices won't notice any blackouts. 
so you can stay  productive anytime anywhere

The Safest Battery System Yet

CAPTAIN design decades-long lasting reliable battery with state-of-art Battery Management System for protections. Combine with proven fire-resistant LFP cells, CAPTAIN is the safest power station yet.


LiFePO4 Grade-A Cells
Electric Vehicle Quality in Your Hand

Typical Ternary cells life cycles last for about 500 charges. CAPTAIN retains 80% battery health even after 3,500 charging cycles.
Use it like you stole it!

A Lightweight Power Source offers more Versatile Choices 

This lightweight power battery opens up  opportunities. Put it next to driver's seat for recharging, have it in your tent for powering electronics. Bring the power to where it needed the most. 


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